Troy Deeney celebrates scoring for Watford against Bournemouth


Once again, VAR has raised some concerns after ruling out a few big decisions in last weekend’s Premier League fixtures.

The Hammers played a decent Sheffield United team last Friday night. The Blades are having a great season in the Premier League, but should they have got a point from the game or was VAR correct to rule out Snodgrass’ goal for handball on Declan Rice?

Personally, I’m trying to look at it both ways. Rice is in full motion and is going for the ball where the Sheffield United player has headed the ball onto his hand. There is absolutely nothing he can do to prevent handballing it, therefore the goal should count. However, if he didn’t handball it, he wasn’t going to win the ball and therefore it should be ruled out.

In fairness to the VAR system, the reason it was brought in was to make more correct decisions which is exactly what it is doing. However, I can also see where this system is ruining the game of football. Celebrations aren’t the same, the game is constantly stopping and starting, and players in particular are getting extremely frustrated as seen by Declan Rice’s post-game interview.

Some of the decisions are obscene. Sometimes, there is physically nothing the player can do or the fact that an armpit can make the difference between a team getting all three points or just the one! I do not know where VAR goes from here!


Nigel Pearson has picked up another three points for the Hornets and their season may just be saved. He has really got them firing and at the moment, Watford seems like a very tough place to play and now they have risen above the relegation zone, they are only going to keep working hard to get higher and higher.

This Watford side brought out a performance of character, passion and class to win their game against Bournemouth at the weekend and captain plus man of the match Troy Deeney was superb and really set the standard for his side.

The only way is up now for Watford, I do not see them dropping back into the relegation zone, which could cause a lot of pressure for teams like Aston Villa, West Ham, Burnley and Brighton.

It should be a good test for Watford next week against Spurs, however I don’t see any reason why they can’t go and win that game. Spurs certainly aren’t showing any great form of late.


Southampton has made another great comeback this season. Considering they were in the relegation zone in week 15 this season, they have really built up a good run of form.

Beating teams like Leicester City, Spurs and Chelsea, all in their last 4 Premier League games, is remarkable and something we shouldn’t just let go by.

The Saints have also yet to complete any signing in this current transfer window. Will they sign anyone to keep this form up? Personally, I feel like they need some more squad depth in case of injuries and suspensions but at the moment, why change what’s going well?

Danny Ings is having a sensational season with 14 goals which is second highest in the league. He grabbed himself another goal last week against Leicester City and I wouldn’t write it off that he grabs himself another goal against Wolves on Saturday!

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